Princess 例文


Princess 例文



Ariel couldn't wait to eplore. (A. p.11)

King Triton orders his daughter to stay away from humans. (口絵)

Ursula offers to make Ariel human ... for a prince.(口絵)

She hung over the side of the carrige just to see the trotting of the horses' hooves.

She took his hands and the two began to dance.(A. p.92)

The sun was begining to set.(A. p.92)

He grabbed a sea plant to use a baton.

"First you got to create the mood," continued Sebastian.(A. p.93)

There were about to kiss. (A. p.95)


He leaned over the railing, smiling form ear to ear with beloved dog, Max beside him.(A p.1)

Cackling, she began to devise a plan.(A p.27 sheは,魔女)

Wispy plants blew in the wind, creating a lovely sound.(A. p.93)

"Ariel!", whispered Sebastian, hangingn off the side of the boat.(A. p.94)

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